Mediterranean cuisine at The Rock

More Than Just Food: Why ‘The Rock’ Rocks!

When you go to an indoor play centre, you’re generally expecting a decent play area for the children, some sub-par coffee and standard café-style food. If you are looking for something more, you probably think you have nowhere to go other than a stuffy restaurant where children are expected to behave like adults.

When you come to The Rock, you can have the absolute best of both worlds. You can be in a place where your children are free to be themselves and you can indulge in beautiful, fresh dining that you deserve. The Rock Café @ The Play Cave is so much more than a café.

At The Rock, we know that being a family doesn’t mean you and your children shouldn’t get the opportunity to eat premium, restaurant quality food.

Here’s why The Rock is so much more than food:

Quality Matters

Fresh, quality produce is really important to us. From free range eggs to CampoS coffee and T2 teas, you’ll only be getting the best when you dine with us.

Healthy Options Provided Always

We know that balance is the key. That’s why we are committed to letting you decide what you’re in the mood for. Try sweet potato fries for lunch or a delicious burnt fig & cinnamon almond baked muesli for breakfast. These are just some of the healthy yet delicious options on offer.

Different World Cuisines That Delight

Are you someone who gets a bit tired of the same old café food and prefers something a little different? Our Mediterranean cuisine offers a little taste of all things European and our pizzas are exceptionally tasty.

Just to make things a little more interesting, we also provide a specials menu from a different country on the first Saturday of each month so you can bring in the whole family and be inspired to try something new.

Private Functions
Private function hire is also available and is very popular, as well as the delicious adult platters you can order while the children are having the time of their lives at The Play Cave.

Your Kids Will Eat Well Too

It’s fantastic that you can eat well at The Rock, but what about the kids?

You don’t need to worry because we provide nutritional options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We even will add a side salad to your children’s meal upon request at no extra charge.

Do you want to have the best of both worlds by having great quality food and fabulous entertainment for the children?

The Rock @ The Play Cave provides a variety of foods, themed or non-themed that will delight everybody’s taste buds.

Call The Play Cave on 02 9525-8885 or enquire online and our staff will contact you directly. We also have a page of frequently asked questions you can check out.