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5 Tips for Awesome Kids Party Food!

The stakes in kids’ party food are rising. Children are becoming more excited about trying new foods and standard party food is starting to look a little bland. If you want to make sure your Kids Party Food is awesome, be sure to check out these 5 tips!


  1. Theme and Decorate Your Tasty Food

Themes are what kids and parents thrive on when it comes to birthday parties. You can go luxury, or theme on a shoestring budget; either way, it’ll be fun.

Will it be the Avengers superheroes this year? Or Harry Potter? Ocean-tastic?

If you go superheroes, you could buy Avengers figurines from the $2 shop and arrange them on the cake. For Harry Potter party planners, you could Google how to make wonderful wants and not break the bank.

And if you’re having an under the sea party, why not consider weaving in fish fingers, chocolate fish and maybe a Spongebob cake?

There’ll be boundless ideas and Google and Youtube are a great start for researching ideas. 

  1. Stay away from the 2 Bs – Bland and Boring

Bland and boring food usually ends up meaning snacks that are full of preservatives that don’t provide enough interest to be eaten!

Why not provide a variety of food that is full of different colours and texture rather than your standard party pies or sausage rolls.

Talk to The Rock, our on-site eatery about kids party food catering, or you could create your own range of interesting snacks.

Try coloured popcorn, unique kebabs and sneak in healthy greens in mini quiches or LSA into cupcakes. The kids will gobble up the goodness while you feel like the happiest party host. 

  1. Consider Allergies and Gluten Free Options

Allergies are an essential consideration for your next kids’ birthday party. You might have the best food in the world but if a child is restricted from eating it due to allergies you might find yourself wishing you had considered this first.

State on the invitation that allergies will be catered for and ask parents to ring and let you know if their child has an allergy. Inclusivity is essential at a kids party and having food that all children are able to access and try is really important. 

  1. Make Sure the Birthday Cake has WOW Factor

The birthday cake is the big food finale so you want it to both look and taste amazing! If you’re not someone who can make creatures out of fondant and whip cream, consider having a custom made cake or order an ice-cream cake from The Rock!

Custom made can often take hours if not days. They can be delivered and are such works of art that they’re well worth the spend if you’re time-poor.

Do you want your party food to be awesome at your child’s next birthday? Talk to The Rock @ The Play Cave today. We provide a variety of foods, themed or non-themed, that will delight your child’s taste buds.

We also provide platters for the adults at the party! Call The Play Cave on 02 9525-8885 or fill in the enquiry form online and our staff will contact you directly. We also have a page of frequently asked questions you can check out.

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