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Easy Birthday Themes for Boys and Girls

Depending on your child’s age, finding an easy birthday theme can be tough. Sticking to a ‘broad’ theme generally makes it easier to cater for the interests of all children.

For example, a farm theme can be far easier and more suited to games and activities than a ‘horse’ theme.  Once you’ve got your theme organised, everything else should easily fall into place around it, such as decorations, games, party food and more. Themed rooms at indoor play centres are a perfect way to bring life to your idea.

Stuck on a theme for your little one? Here are a few easy birthday themes to consider: 

  1. Superheroes

Why not ask the children dress up as their favourite superhero – be it from the DC or Marvel camp?

Kids often have one or more costumes in their wardrobe, and it’s an easy way of having a great looking bunch of kids at a party while being kind to their parents’ wallets.

  1. Colour / Monochromatic

Is it pink? Black and white stripes? Or neon green perhaps? Parents will love this theme as it’s so easy to dress up for. This will also allow for easy kid-spotting from afar if the colour is bright enough!

  1. Famous book or movie

Sometimes you might want to hold a party at home and make it a little special. You could try well-loved book or movie themes like Harry Potter or Frozen as there are plenty of ideas for creating accessories like wants or tiaras at home.

Parents will also find it easy enough to re-use existing accessories such as a black cape, draw a scar on the forehead, or buy cheap and cheerful props like wands and round-rimmed spectacle frames. 

  1. PJ Party 

Who doesn’t love a pyjama party? The PJ theme is probably the easiest party to dress for. This will be a comfortable and colourful party. Kids love their PJs and even the parents will be jealous! 

  1. Animals

The animal theme is so broad and flexible. Kids will have at least one ‘animal’ type accessory in their arsenal.

On your invitation, suggest using face painting or ‘animal’ onesies (tigers, lions, elephants, foxes, etc). 

  1. Follow the room theme

At the Play Cave, you could come as you are as our party rooms have terrific backdrops, including On The Farm, Princess, Disco and Under The Sea. Check out our gallery to see the rooms, and find out about the party packages.

As your children enjoy wonderful themed parties, the adults might want to join in too! Call The Play Cave on 02 9525-8885 or contact us online to enquire further. We also have a page of frequently asked questions you can check out.

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